About Sherwood House


My name is Daunene Girard, after spending 24 years in the financial industry I decided to make a career change that included enriching other people’s lives in a positive manner.  I have found exactly that working at Sherwood House!  I have resided in the Cowichan Valley for the last 35 years where I enjoy hiking, boating, walking my dogs and spending time with my family.  Now I have the privilege of managing Sherwood House.

Our website and brochure provide information including comprehensive services, suite information and a convenient location.  What has struck me utmost since I have come on board here and would like to share with you are provisions that are difficult to capture in words or pictures.

Sherwood House staff care; know everyone including our four-legged tenants by name.  Random acts of kindness occur daily, with no need or want of recognition.

People “move in” and over days and months friendships between residents develop and grow.  Loved ones and friends are soon enjoying meals, and tea and clapping along during entertainment socials.

“Sherwood House” becomes “Sherwood Home”.

Everyone contributes to our “quote of the day” board.  A favourite is “Every house where love abides, and friendship is a guest, is surely home, and home sweet home for there the heart can rest.”  ~Henry Van Dyke

If you move to Sherwood House, you’ll be moving Home.